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A traffic camera caught the exact moment a fast-moving car slid on slippery pavement and careened right off a highway overpass in Minnesota recently.

Talk about another reason to take is slow when you're driving in winter weather here in Minnesota! If you've lived here in the Land of 10,000 Frozen and Snow Covered Lakes for any length of time, you know that winter driving conditions can change quickly, and can be much more treacherous than they appear.

That's apparently what happened in this scary video posted to the MN Safety Twitter page earlier this week. MN Safety notes that they're not an official public safety site, but instead describes their page like this:

Volunteers promoting traffic safety & 1st Responders. Not an official source. Videos + Education + Data = We all can be a little safer.

And in this case, being 'a little safer' would no doubt involve slowing down while driving on the interstates in Twin Cities. The video, taken from a MnDOT traffic cam, was posted a few days ago and shows traffic moving smoothly along I494 at the intersection of I35W in Bloomington on the night of 12/20/22.

At about :08 seconds into the video, a car approaches the intersection apparently traveling way too fast for the slick conditions on the overpass. It beings to slide out of control, and thanks to the snow bank along the side of the bridge (which acted like a ramp), the car then drives right off the overpass, lands on the hill on the side of the bridge, and eventually lands, upside down, in the right lane of the other highway below.

The MN Safety post noted that, according to WCCO-TV, the driver, who was apparently the only person in the car, miraculously wasn't hurt in that wild crash that sent his car careening right over the overpass and onto the other roadway below.

But it could have turned out much, much worse. It's another reminder of how quickly things can change when you're traveling too fast for conditions. Check out the incredible video below. And, keep scrolling to see 10 things officials recommend you keep in your vehicle during the winter here in Minnesota.

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