I can't blame them. Who wouldn't want to belt Shania? I'm pretty sure it's illegal not to.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Katie and Justin Hawley. You probably know them both already. If you don't, allow me to fill you in. Katie is a local, and Justin is the lead singer of Light45.

When you take a road trip, it's not unusual for music to be on, right? This Hawley family trip was no different, except they have killer voices! Check them out singing Shania Twain's "From This Moment On" in the car.


I'm just saying - I can't sing like that! Can you? Whether you can actually sound good or not, we all find singing (especially belting something out) relaxing. A recent study assessing those who sang and those who didn't, explained, "Researchers found that the participants assigned to sing in the choir had decreases in their negative affect and anxiety, compared with the control group. Meanwhile, the control group experienced more anxiety and negative affect before and after the hour period."

Big shoutout to the Hawley's for letting me share this! It's cute and fun. We love seeing families happy together!

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