I'm just glad that this wasn't me!

I absolutely LOVE going to Thursdays On 1st & 3rd, so ofcourse I joined Curt St. John for a little bit since I knew he'd be there too.

I decided to do something that I didn't intend to embarrass him with... but it totally did! Here's a little bit of background story before you watch the moment unfold.

Every morning when I first see Curt, I like to greet him by singing his own jingle. You know the one! You've heard it many times before! Normally, he responds by either screaming "VAAALLLLLL!" or... with a simple nod and a "hey!" After this, he might not be so excited...

Yep, I officially embarrassed the crap out of him. I will say, however, that it was very much worth it. Thank you guys for helping me out with this! Thank you for singing to Curt!

For the record, he really wasn't that upset. He just got a little red.

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