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When it comes to last names here in Minnesota, it's not surprising that many of them are based on our German and Scandinavian heritage. But do you have one of the most popular last names in the Land of 10,000 Lakes?

Well, the gang over at Ancestry.com compiled a fairly massive database of all the last names (or, surnames, really-- but I always say last name because I'm never sure if a surname is a first or last name) both here in Minnesota and across the country.

And, no surprise, the most popular last name here in the Gopher State is... Johnson!  (Although, perhaps the term 'popular' is a bit misleading-- you don't choose your last name, after all, so maybe the 'Most Often Occurring Last Name' or 'Most Common Last Name' might be more accurate.) Either way, it's still Johnson.

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Following the Johnsons in popularity here in the Bold North are the Andersons with the second-most popular last name. And, shout-out to the Nelsons, who nabbed the third-most-popular last name here in the North Star State, according to Ancestry.com.


  • Johnson
  • Anderson
  • Nelson

And, cue the sad trombone sound effect: 'St. John' didn't even make the list, either here or over in my home state of Wisconsin. Rats. Here are the Most Common Last Names over in America's Dairyland:


  • Johnson
  • Smith
  • Anderson

Curious where your last name ranks? Check out the expanded list HERE. And speaking of Most Popular Things, did you know over half of all families here in Minnesota own a pet? Keep scrolling to check out the Most Popular Dog Breeds in America!


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