This is an experience that I'll never forget. I think those on the receiving end won't forget it either.

I walked toward the Peace Plaza and into University Square not sure what to expect. I knew we were handing out flowers and free hugs, but would people be receptive to them? Why even do this at all?

This is all part of Minnesota's Kindness Week happening everywhere locally all week. United Way of Olmsted County and CAKE have partnered to promote kindness with various events.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Danielle Teal of CAKE (Random Acts Of Kindness Everywhere) and 106.9 KROC described it best when she shared her thoughts on today's adventure and said, "To be the giver and receiver, I think it's phenomenal. We actually had someone cry and it totally made me tear up as well." At that moment, we all did.

How often do we really think about showing affection to someone who may need it? How often do we imagine what it could mean to them?

Luann Buechler of United Way echoed Danielle by saying, "It's so much fun to see people smile, and uplift their day! People in this community are here [at Mayo Clinic] for challenging times often, and so that hug is so meaningful to them when they're struggling - they need a little love!"

Check out our adventure here!

Big thank you to Clements Subaru who always teams up with us on #RAK, Random Acts Of Kindness as well!

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