Hint: it's a lot of fun!

While most of you were off to church, throwing Easter egg hunts, or just plain spending time with family and friends, my husband and I decided to do something a little bit differently for Easter.

We spent Easter Sunday with the Minnesota Twins! Hey, we're new to town and are far from our families in Illniois and Pittsburgh. What a perfect day for game it was, too! The weather seriously could not have been better.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

I grabbed some popcorn, we took our seats and relaxed with a baseball game! The only complaint I had was that the Twins lost to the Chicago White Sox, but hey... again, the atmosphere was perfect.

A lot of families spent their time there. Dozier got a nice hit in! Mauer did his best to make sure a ten inning game didn't happen, but it did. Check out more of my photos below.

I've gotta thank Amanda S. at Fleet Farm for ringing me up on Friday! I stopped by to grab some Twins gear so I would be ready for the game.

So much fun!! Have you guys been to a game yet?

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