While pretty much the entire state of Minnesota was displaying its Purple Pride yesterday, one lone bus dared to display a message that said, "Go Saints." What's up with that?!?

According to a TwinCities.com story, it happened yesterday in Northeast Minneapolis, where a Metro Transit Bus was spotted sporting what appeared to be a sign cheering on the Vikings' opponents in yesterday's NFL Divisional Playoff Game.

Yes, the Saints. The same Saints who crushed Minnesota's Super Bowl dreams 9 years ago by beating the Vikings (lead at that time by a quarterback named Brett Favre) in overtime.

A frustrated Vikings fan Tweeted the picture of the bus with the offending sign and Metro Transit, not wanting to spark any controversy on the morning what would be the  Minnesota (or Minneapolis) Miracle, quickly explained what had happened with their own Tweet.

Apparently a Metro Transit driver "went rogue" with his sign meant to support the local St. Paul baseball team. (They're also the Saints, you'll remember.)

I'm a little skeptical, myself. I mean, it's the middle of January-- the baseball Saints won't take to CHS Field for another 3 months. Is that REALLY what the sign was about?

Maybe it was. If so, though, this probably wasn't the best time to show one's support for St. Paul's Boys of Summer.

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