5 Ways To Console Yourself After The Vikings Loss
It hurt me too. We celebrated every moment of the "Minneapolis Miracle" and hoped that the same team could lead us to the Superbowl. Unfortunately, things just didn't quite work out that way. I came up with this list to help all of us.
Rochester Festival Wants Musicians And Artists
Yep, it's miserably snowy today. I thought it would be a good idea to at least dream about summer for a little bit. One of my favorite things about summer in Rochester are the constant music festivals that are happening. One of them needs you.
Southern Minnesota Winter Storm Warning Update for Monday
Update: 1/21/18 Blizzard Warning added for some areas of southern and southwestern Minnesota

A portion of the Winter Storm Warning has been upgraded to a Blizzard Warning from Mankato to the south and west, including Fairmont and St. James. The Winter Storm Warning was expanded, slightly southeast.…
The Best Way to Clear the Snow Pile From your Driveway
With a Winter Storm Warning in effect and a forecast that includes nearly 10 inches of snow, we'll be grabbing our shovels or snow blowers to get our driveways cleared out. And, we'll have to work extra hard to clear that big pile of wet, heavy snow the plow dumped at the end of your drive…

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