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This national chain store-- with a location here in Rochester-- just made this item smaller, even though the price is still the same.

Yes, welcome to life in the ongoing pandemic in Minnesota, where if products aren't available due to "supply chain issues" (like canned cat food in Rochester) then they're still there-- but they're getting smaller. So, yeah, we're paying the same amount of money, but we're getting less.

My wife happened to notice this while we were cleaning out our store room earlier this week. She found a package of Kirkland Bath Tissue (that'd be your TP) from Costco here in Rochester that we had bought earlier this year. She put it next to a new case (the only way you buy TP at Costco) we just bought. But as she was doing that, she noticed a subtle difference on the label.

On the bath tissue we bought earlier this year, the package says there are 425 sheets per roll. But on the package of bath tissue we just bought, the label features a slightly different design-- but it also says there are only 380 sheets per roll! (For proof, check out the picture below!)

If you do the math, that's a difference of 45 sheets. Which, granted, isn't much-- especially considering there are nearly 10 times that on your average roll of TP, but still, it was a quiet little downsizing that I'm guessing most of us hadn't even noticed.

I did a little research to find out just when Costco shorted us those 45 sheets, and it appears to be sometime earlier this summer. However, it's not the only product that Costco has quietly downsized, either. This story from June lists five other products at Costco that people have noticed are now smaller in size-- including everything from paper towels to microwave popcorn and even bottles of Lysol.

I guess making products smaller while charging the same is one way big retailers like Costco stay in business. Because, as we know, not ALL brands make it in today's competitive marketplace. Keep scrolling to check out some well-known brands that have thrown in the towel and aren't around anymore!


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