The Minnesota band Semisonic said it best in their hit song 'Closing Time' "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here." That's pretty much the case with a home in Jordan. The four options that the current owner is facing are: sell it, renovate it, move it or demolish it. The owner is opting to give it away to someone who can move it, rather than demolish the home.  

According to the Star Tribune, the owner Barb Kochlin said she’s been trying to sell the house for an ultra-low price, now she is open to even give it away. According to the Jordan Independent, on April 15, the city council requested an update on the vacant property, of which Kochlin told them that no one has been interested yet after looking into the cost of moving the home.

The home sits on the site of an old brewery and isn't hooked up to city sewer or water. Sadly the home isn't even qualified to be burned down by the fire department, as "the house is an unlikely candidate due to potential stability issues."

I have no idea the cost of moving a home, but it's got to be 5 or 6 figures, but it certainly seems like a great opportunity for someone who likes older homes and has the time and money to fix it up.

Want to know what a free house looks like on the inside? Here are previously listed photos of the home from Garth Johnson of The Realty House.

Free Jordan Home

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