It's the latest edition of Whine Time with Samm and Val! Wanna know what we're whining about today?

Well, it's quite simple really - Samm has given up on her weight resolution goal... sort of. Plus, we all know I'm pretty darn passionate when it comes to things, so the whole "not taking things seriously" resolution isn't going so well for me.

This week, since most of us have (by February 1st) given up on our resolutions for the year, we decided to whine about that.

Oh, and can we also talk about the fact that IT'S STILL REALLY COLD!? We could do without winter anymore, thank you very much.

Anyone else with us? Are you over this season too? We definitely are, and it's something else we whined about today. Thanks so much for watching! Keep a look out for a brand new episode next week!

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