It's seriously the dumbest way to injure yourself ever, but we've all done it thousands of times before!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Have you ever stubbed your toe on the corner of the bed? Have you stubbed it so hard that you ended up fracturing it? Yep, that happened to me this week.

Here's the story: yesterday morning, I was getting ready for the day and walked past my bed. I ended up stubbing my toe on the corner of it. It hurt, but I didn't think twice about it as I'd done stupid things like that hundreds of times before.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, I start to notice that my toe is pretty sore. "That's not normal. That's weird." I thought. Then, to console myself, I said to myself, "Well, you deserved it, dummy. You're the one who stubbed your own toe." So, I forgot about how sore I was.

I had the best time hanging out with your pups at Thursdays on 1st & 3rd (even as the rain came!) and wasn't in any pain at all while I walked around.

Then, I got home after a long day. I took off my sock and was in shock. I couldn't believe I bruised my toe so badly, and that I had done it in such a classic Val way. This morning, it was even sorer - that's when my husband made me a splint via electrical tape. Hey, he's a former boy scout, and those skills paid off! Watch my recap below.

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