Yeah I know, it's just a game, right? NFL Football is also a huge money maker. With all the pandemic chaos and no die hard Vikings fans in the stands, the Vikings and every other NFL team stand to lose a whole lot of revenue.

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
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The NFL, as a whole, stands to lose roughly 5.5 billion dollars just in stadium revenue this season. That's about 40% of what the NFL brings in in an average season. But this season is anything but average.

Stadium revenue takes into account tickets, concessions, sponsors, parking and merchandise. no fans with money in their pockets equal no or little stadium revenue.

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Even though some teams have been allowing a limited number of spectators, they are still losing out on big money.  Jacksonville allowed 16000 fans to attend their first game, as did the Chiefs. Bengals are allowing 6000 fans for their next 2 home games but were fanless last week.

Colts, Dolphins, Browns are all allowing a limited number of fans for their next game. Kind of funny that the Browns are allowing exactly 6,789 fans. how they arrived at that number, would be interesting to know.

If the U.S. Bank Stadium remains empty for the rest of the season, the Vikings organization will lose over 150 million dollars. The good news is that the Vikings are down the list of money losers. Dallas Cowboys stand to lose $620 million this season.

It would be great to get these stadiums filled again, I'm not a big fan of that fake crowd noise. Go VIKES!


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