The Freeborn County Sheriff's Office is leading a class that will teach you how to defend yourself, and your church, from acts of violence.

The class is scheduled for August 16th (a Thursday) and you can choose between two sessions to attend. A 10 AM session is offered, as well as a 7 PM. This is the first time the sheriff is offering any class like this. Perhaps the best part about it is that it's free.

While it does appear that attacks on places of worship are on the rise (and gather a whole lot of attention for obvious reasons), I couldn't help but think about how sad it was that this class was even created. More specifically, it's disheartening to realize that a class like this is necessary anymore.

I often find myself asking why these attacks happen in the first place. It's been suggested that these attacks are not always necessarily acts against the religion itself, but more of a personal "inner" vendetta (inner conflict among members and domestic disputes) involving the perpetrator. Regardless, it can't hurt to learn how to be safe in those scenarios.

The reaction to the class on Facebook seems positive overall. Do you agree that we need it? What tips would you be hoping to learn?

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