Looks like a popular event in Southeast Minnesota is getting to be quite the hangout for celebrities.  Last year, quite a few fans spotted Gerard Butler, and now, another hero on the screen was walking in downtown Rochester during an event known as Thursdays Downtown.

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Check Out The Celebrity That Was Spotted in Rochester, Minnesota at Thursdays Downtown

One thing that I was not expecting today was to hear that a celebrity was spotted in Minnesota. Granted, there are probably quite a few that are visiting Mayo Clinic in the Land of 10,000 Lakes that we never hear about, but I wasn't expecting the news to pop up that a celebrity was here...today....and taking selfies with fans!

Minnesota has had quite a few celebrity sightings lately!

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Ghostbusters Star Spotted at Thursdays Downtown in Rochester, Minnesota

The latest sighting though was on Thursday, June 13th, 2024 at a weekly party called Thursdays Downtown in Rochester.  Live music, lots of food and drinks, vendors, and fun for families line up on 1st Ave and throughout the Peace Plaza.  And if you were there today, you may have had a glimpse of a Ghostbuster.

Doug Meyer was there today and happened to grab a photo with the Ghostbuster himself, Ernie Hudson.  He gave me permission to share his photo that he took today with the huge star and one of the comments that he left on his post said, "I’ve never gotten so starstruck in my life".

Credit: Doug Meyer
Credit: Doug Meyer

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