Once Maren Morris decided she was going to pose for Playboy, she knew she needed to let her parents know. That meant a conversation that many can imagine as being difficult or uncomfortable, at best.

It wasn't. The "Girl" singer tells Taste of Country Nights that it wasn't weird at all. They've been supportive of her music in a variety of ways since she was a little girl, and this was just a progression.

"From the get-go they've just known that I was different, and I think that they really appreciate that it's more than just music. It's a platform," Morris says.

It probably helped when the 29-year-old assured them she wasn't going to be naked.

"When Dolly Parton did the cover of Playboy, she wasn't like nude or anything," Morris says. "It was very her and very tasteful and very Dolly. So I was like, 'You know what, if Dolly did it, I think I'm gonna do it, too, because I'm just feeling myself right now.'"

The Playboy spread is centered around 20 questions about Morris' music, career, marriage and sexuality. The edgiest of the pictures show her without a top on, covering herself with an arm, and the country community — including Miranda Lambert — has been outwardly supportive. The PG-13 nature of the pictures hasn't kept away critics, however. Listen to the full interview clip in the video above to hear Morris talk about one woman's reaction to her decision and how she responded.

Taste of Country Nights is a syndicated night show hosted by Evan Paul and Amber Atnip which airs on nearly 100 radio stations nationwide.

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