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#MarriageGoals!! Meet Clifford and Margaret Rabe, your feel-good story of the year!

The couple tied the knot on July 10th, 1941. Don't worry, I won't make you do the math - that's just over 79 long and beautiful years of marriage! How cool is that?

The Rabe's were recently recognized by the Worldwide Marriage Encounter as having the longest current marriage in the state. A celebration was held earlier this week outside their home in Lake City, and their friends and family came to congratulate the happy couple.

Wedding picture

Their Great-granddaughter Michelle shared this stunning photo of the couple on their wedding day. They are now 98 years young.

With that many years of marriage, they are sure to have some secrets right? According to their Great-Granddaughter Stephanie, their words of wisdom: “there has to be give and take.”

According to Michelle, maybe it's the beer that's helped them make it this far. ;)

Michelle: By the looks of this photo #BuschLight is the key to a nice, long marriage...and I mean LONG. My great grandparents are at 79.5 years and are the longest married couple in Minnesota. They even received a fancy certificate today for 2020 longest married MN couple! If anyone is wondering, my garage refrigerator is full of Bush Light too... #needallthebeerwecanget #drunkandinlove #beerlover

Kathie Erickson
Kathie Erickson

Huge shoutout to Clifford and Margaret! What an amazing accomplishment.

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