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Maybe it's not the list you want to be on necessarily, but all the states are ranked, and Minnesota is sitting pretty on the list!

Yesterday, I published a blog about Illinois being named the most hated state in America.

ICYMI: Illinois Is Now The Most Hated State in America. 

I couldn't for the life of me wrap my head around exactly why people were hating on Illinois so much, but get this, one in four people living in Illinois say their state is the worst possible state to live in - yikes.


I started Googling "why do people hate Illinois so much?" and one of the top answers was the weather. That info made me think Minnesota had to be pretty high on the list too, but in fact, we are one of the least hated states.

Perhaps it's our Minnesota nice attitude? The 10,000+ lakes? The high quality education? I mean, it can't possibly be the pro sports teams. ;)

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The results were actually compiled by looking at the percentage of residents who say the state is they hate their state, the states with the biggest decrease in population, and nationwide, the number of other states who say they hate a state the most.

Some other fun facts discovered with the study by Zippia:

  • The state most hated by other states is California.
  • Alaskans have the most state pride with 77% of them saying they love their state.
  • No other states hate Colorado - amazing!

Out of all 50 states, Minnesota came in #46 for most hated states. That's quite impressive.

So, what states were "more liked" than Minnesota?

#47. Idaho
#48. Montana
#49. Utah
#50. Colorado

Click here to read more about the study and see the entire list.

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