Carly Pearce and Michael Ray just can't seem to stay apart. The "Every Little Thing" singer shared a story on social media that proves how devoted the two are to each other, just a few months into their relationship.

Ahead of her appearance at the UB Center for the Arts in Buffalo, N.Y., on Monday (Oct. 8), Pearce told fans about Ray's above-and-beyond gesture. She says that when she left Nashville to fly out for the show, she told Ray that she wished he was coming with her. He took her words as his command, surprising her hours later at the venue.

Carly Pearce Spills All on Dating Michael Ray

"Dropped me off at the airport this morning and I said 'ugh I wish you could come with me to my show' ... 4 hours later and he shows up after booking the next flight out of Nashville," Pearce writes next to a photo of the couple beaming at each other. "Michael, you've turned my world upside down & shown me what it means to be in love."

The singers officially announced their relationship in July, with Pearce revealing that she had a crush on Ray for a while and managed "slide into his DMs" on Instagram. Once he got the hint, their relationship flourished.

"I used to wonder why some of my past relationships didn’t work out. They just weren’t my person. (Ray) came into my life very much right on time," she tells Taste of Country.

In addition to a new relationship, Pearce is enjoying a career high — her current single "Hide the Wine" is all over country radio and climbing the charts. She has a series of dates lined up throughout the end of the year, including an opening stint on Luke Bryan's What Makes You Country XL Stadium Tour that wraps on Oct. 26.

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