It's something you'd see on a TV drama or in the movies, but it actually happened to a Minnesota firefighter this past weekend-- and it's an amazing story!

It all started with a normal fire call at a St. Paul apartment on Sunday. 'Normal,' of course, is a relative term because even at a routine fire call, firefighters run into burning buildings we're all trying our best to leave.

But in the case, one firefighter got even more than he bargained for-- and even his chief can't believe what happened. According to BringMeTheNews, Dustin Kalis, assistant chief of the North St. Paul Fire Department made an incredible catch the likes of which even the Vikings' Adam Theilen would be jealous.

The story says that as fire crews were knocking down the fire, Kalis heard someone asking for help on a second-floor balcony. A father and his infant couldn't make it down the inside stairs to due heavy smoke, so the dad was going to drop the baby off the balcony to firefighters below.

Well, Kalis got ready, steadied his hands and... caught the baby safely!  "The dad was pretty adamant that he was going to go over, and with timing and resources I knew we weren't going to be able to get a ladder up there," Kalis said in the story, "and it really wasn't a thought at that time because the dad was holding the baby out, saying, 'here you go, she's coming down,'" the story said.

Talk about a hero! Kalis, of course, is downplaying the incident, saying the distance wasn't all that high-- compared to a 3 or 4 story balcony-- but still. What a story! Well done, Mr. Kalis! Thanks for your incredible service!

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