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Minnesota will once again do something no other state in the country will do, starting Tuesday at the state capital in St. Paul.

You'd think that at least one or two other states would be doing the same thing, but, nope-- Minnesota's the only place in the country doing this. And the 'this' I'm talking about, is having a divided state legislature. Which Minnesota will enjoy for at least another two years, thanks to the results of the 2020 election in November. While the numbers changed slightly, that election saw DFLers retain the majority in the Minnesota House, while Republicans continued to hold a majority in the Minnesota Senate.

Add them up and, voila, you once again have yourself a good 'ol divided state legislature here in Minnesota-- just like the current make-up of the U.S. Senate (which could change with the results of the impending run-offs in Georgia) and U.S. House. The mid-term election of 2018 was the first time the split legislature occurred here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, which hadn't happened previously for nearly 100 years.

And, interestingly, as this Minn Post story notes, Minnesota will once again stand alone, seeing as no other state in America will feature a divided state government during the next two years. I'm no political scientist, mind you, but that phenomenon is kind of amazing, if you ask me. Our politics seem so evenly divided these days, I'm a little surprised a divided legislature hasn't happened in a few other states besides here in Minnesota.

Now while our split legislature is set to be a thing here in Minnesota for at least two more years, there are many things that are changing at a much faster pace (thanks in large part to the pandemic). Keep scrolling to check out some jobs that might disappear sooner rather than later here in Minnesota and across the country.

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