Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The city of Rochester and the Destination Medical Center organization are getting closer to making a major decision on a key component of the massive DMC initiative.

At its committee meeting on Monday, the City Council will be asked to weigh in on a list of proposed criteria for identifying the locations for what are referred to as the "mobility hubs" that would anchor the community's future mass transit system. The identification of those locations with allow officials to develop the initial route for the so-called “circulator” and begin the process of obtaining funding from the federal government and other sources. That process could take as long as five years from application to the completion of construction.

The recommended criteria for the identification process are: accessibility, route efficiency, economic development, site acquisition, and relationships to existing amenities.

The plan calls for two “mobility hubs.” One in northwest Rochester in an area west of the Highway 52/Civic Center Drive interchange, and the other in southeast Rochester in the general vicinity of Graham Park. The south facility would have about 2000 parking spaces, while the northwest hub would have about 4000 spaces that would be connected to the downtown area by a bus rapid transit system. It is also envisioned that almost 8000 additional parking spaces would be added in the downtown area by the private sector.

The proposal estimates the overall price tag of the parking and transportation upgrades, which would be developed in four phases over 20 years, at $1.2 billion.

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