I have to admit, before I started taking classes at Kelley's Quality Sewing, I had no idea what to expect. Now, I've found a whole new way to get creative!

A few days ago, I stopped by Kelley's Quality Sewing to make a cork wallet. Yep! Cork was the fabric we used! You could choose your colors for the exterior, and the pockets inside. If you know me, you know that I love red and black together - so you probably won't be surprised by what you see here!

This is a sneak peek at the creative process.

Don't let the word "cork" turn you off. It isn't hard to work with, and it looks really modern!

Essentially there are four steps to this creative process. Firstly, you'll cut six pieces of fabric (between your cork and pocket fabric choice). Then, you'll sew them together (turning some into pockets before sewing them in). You'll make space for two zippers. I recommend using wonder tape to keep them in place instead of pins. Finally, top it off with a frame you can screw on!

For specifics, you really should stop in. I'm honestly not just saying this. Darlene (the kind and patient soul who spent time with me while I muddled through this!) is a saint and more helpful than any video I've watched on the subject. It's nice to have a human near you and guiding you through this process. It was trickier than the mittens I last put together!

Here's my finished wallet!

TSM Rochester / Kelley's Quality Sewing
TSM Rochester / Kelley's Quality Sewing

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