Last week we heard about a Japanese Beetle invasion, and now this week, a Woolly Bear sighting. That usually happens in late August, September, or even later in the Fall, right?       WATCH THE VIDEO!


I hate to be the one to bring a buzz-kill to our summer here in Rochester and southeast Minnesota, but is this fury little creature trying to tell us something with such an early appearance?

I saw this little guy shuffling across the concrete as I was watering my beloved Beaver Dam Peppers this past Sunday evening.


This caterpillar has 13 sections. Winter is usually 13 weeks in duration, if not longer in some cases. However, well before the advent of all the technology our scientists, climatologists, and meteorologists now use to predict our ever changing Minnesota weather, perhaps Mother Nature should be consulted and referenced from time to time as well.

The Woolly Bear has been steeped in local lore among farmers for a long time in these parts. 'Woolly' is even referenced routinely in the longstanding Old Farmers Almanac.


A harbinger of things to come? Maybe! For more on the legendary Woolly Bear Caterpillar go to the Old Farmers Almanac.

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