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Is THIS what they mean when they talk about 'Minnesota Nice?'

There are many things about which we're proud here in the Land of 10,000 (Frozen and Snow Covered) Lakes, right? Like our high standards of living, including our great schools, healthcare and more. And, of course, our ability to withstand all the cold, snowy weather Old Man Winter throws at us each winter.

So when that potent weather system that's been impacting the North Star State recently dumped over a foot of wet, heavy snow on parts of Minnesota and made highways tough to drive on, what do we Minnesotans do?

Why we grab our shovels and start clearing the snow ourselves... FROM THE HIGHWAY!?!

That's exactly what several kind-hearted Twin Cities residents did during the evening rush hour on Tuesday, January 3rd. That was the day when the central area of Minnesota was seeing some significant snowfall which fell at a furious rate and caused several vehicles to become stuck and block traffic on a busy highway on-ramp.

Specifically, Minneapolis public radio station KBEM posted the amazing site on its Twitter page. The video shows about a half-dozen Minnesotans in St. Louis Park who grabbed their shovels and started shoveling snow on the ramp from Excelsior Boulevard to southbound Highway 100 so cars could move again. Keep scrolling to check it out below!

Now, while it's pretty common here in the Bold North for neighbors to help each other out by helping clear snow from their sidewalks and driveways (especially if someone in the neighborhood has a new snowblower and loves using it, right?), I can't say I've ever seen a group of people shoveling the street before!

Of course, MnDOT plows came through not long after to really clean things up, but the video is still pretty amazing. I'm guessing that kind of thing really only happens here in Minnesota, right?

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