So this happened in Dakota County, but in reality, you could substitute Dakota for any number of Minnesota county names. A driver, pulling his boat out of the water, forgot that his vehicle was in reverse when he exited, resulting in both his car and boat going back into the lake. It's a good reminder to double-check everything while you are on area boat launches.

According to the Dakota County Sheriff's Office, the man was in Hastings while pulling his boat off the river when he exited the vehicle and forgot to put the car in park, and instead left it in reverse.

*Water Safety Reminder*

On 6/19, Hastings PD received a call about a vehicle with a boat attached that went into the water at the Jaycee Park boat launch. The driver attempted to bring his boat in from the water, got out of his vehicle, then realized he accidentally left it in reverse. The vehicle became completely submerged. The Dakota County Sheriff's Dive Team was called to assist with the vehicle recovery.

Stay safe as you enjoy Dakota County's lakes and rivers.

Please always remain aware of your surroundings. Wear a life jacket. Stay sober. Be weather aware. Double-check your actions before you proceed.

There is no indication that the driver was under the influence, but it's a sobering reminder to double-check what you are doing while either launching or pulling your boat from area bodies of water. Just think if this guy had perhaps a kid with him in the vehicle, with how deep the car is in the river that could have been trouble!

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources offers up these five tips for having a fun and safe time on area waters this summer.

  • Wear your life jacket —And make sure children wear theirs.
  • Stay sober—Booze and boating don’t mix. Alcohol is the #1 factor in boating fatalities.
  • Tell a friend—Tell someone where you’re going and when you will be back. If you’re not back, they should call 911. Bring a phone or VHF radio.
  • Be weather aware—Don’t let a storm sneak up on you—delay your trip or head to shore. Go slow in rough water to avoid capsizing.
  • Boat smart— Take a boating safety course. Know your boat; stay alert while scanning for dangers; stay seated and low in the boat to prevent falls overboard.

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