You either don't mind them or freak out when you see them, but I'm guessing THIS is the biggest arachnid you've ever seen here in Rochester.


Now, when it comes to real spiders, I really don't mind them much. They eat all sorts of other annoying insects, and most times, they're not trying to bother me. Heck, when I see them inside, I'll most times try to move them back outside instead of just smushing them in the Kleenex. (Is 'smushing' a word, by the way?)

But THIS spider, which I spied at Hy-Vee Barlow the other day in northwest Rochester, has to be the biggest spider I've ever seen. Ain't no way I'm moving this guy (or is it girl-- most spiders are female, aren't they?) back outside.

Kudos to the team at Hy-Vee for coming up with this creative Halloween decoration. It's pretty much homegrown, too-- not one of those pre-packaged inflatable lawn decorations you see pop up on lawns all over southeast Minnesota this time of year.

Although, some of those are pretty cool, too. I remember taking our dog, Chance, for a walk a few years ago and happening upon one those inflatable spider decorations in a front yard in our neighborhood. That particular spider decoration moved back and forth, and that movement freaked Chance out so much he barked at it several times, and then ran away.

Happy Halloween!


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