You guys have been super sweet when it comes to my outfits! I love sharing them, and thank you so much for the support!

To celebrate the fun we've been having, I decided to choose some memorable outfits that made us laugh and inspired us too. I'm also excited to show you some of my latest purchases too! First, we'll start with a review of the past week.

The leopard thing had a purpose, in case you missed that. You can see my outfits on Facebook and Instagram every weekday!

I've gotta tell you guys, I do these to show you that you should be proud of what's already in your own closet. Sure, I like finding cute things at Target, UO or American Eagle just like anyone else - but I love mixing and matching those parts too! A lot of my style incorporates that.

Now, let's take a look at my latest "fall haul" a.k.a. latest pile of clothing purchases.

Did you get some ideas for your closet? I hope so! Make your style your own!

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