It took 47 years for a name change to even be considered by the retail giant, but this February some changes are coming to Wal-Mart's throughout the nation and Rochester.

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It's all set to happen in February 2018, according to USA Today. Say goodbye to the following parts of the Wal-Mart name you know so well.

  • No more hyphen.
  • "stores" will be dropped from its legal name.

Word on the street is; Wal-Mart is making these choices to be more "online friendly" and seek to increase their digital business revenue in the coming year. This is certainly a smart idea as USA Today explains, "As shoppers increasingly choose to buy and browse with a tap or a click, has seen traffic soar. The company's online U.S. sales rose 50% in the last quarter. Walmart's website has tripled to more than 70 million the number of products it offers for sale." That's a lot!

Will this affect your view of Wal-Mart?

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