Every single Minnesotan knows how long and cold this winter has been. Not only has it felt like its been dragging on forever but we have also seen a ton of snow, especially in Duluth. In fact, this winter is already one of the snowiest on record. Sigh.

Considering the fact that it is only mid-March, it is a safe bet to assume we still have a long way to go until winter is behind us. The good news? It looks like the most miserable day of the year is behind us.

They all seem to blend together so what makes one day more miserable than another? Historical data! One website did some math to figure out which day of the year is the worst for every state. According to the site, Minnesota's most miserable day is January 8th.

This probably doesn't need much explanation. January is one of the coldest months of the year. The site says that the average temperature for that day is in the single digits - just nine degrees. We also see a bit of precipitation.

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You never really know which day will be the most miserable in the Twin Ports when it comes to another winter season. They are all pretty brutal. Ha! However, historically speaking, it looks like early January is the worst.

The survey was done using data from 3,000 Americans, who weighed in on what day of the year they are most miserable. Data organizers also used the period between 1980 to 2016 to calculate average temperature and rainfall and landed on the January date.

Apparently, one city in Wisconsin is miserable no matter the time of the year! Another recent study says that Milwaukee is one of the most miserable cities in the entire country, a study that was put together using data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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