Well hello, deer season. It is that time of year when many of us spend time in our tree stands hoping to bag our tag. Opening gun deer season in Wisconson kicks off on Saturday and runs through the first of December. Making this a perfect time to bring a problem to hunter's attention. If you are hunting in Wisconsin this year, the DNR is asking that you keep an eye out for Feral Pigs.

According to their website, Feral Pigs are not considered protected species. They can carry diseases that are harmful to humans, and they are very destructive. They are known to dig to try and find food and they prey on many animals that are protected. For those reasons they are considered issues and need to be taken care of.

The DNR website says if you see a Feral Pig while hunting you have two options. If you have a small game license, you can kill it there. If not, they are asking that you report where you saw it on their website. You can find that page by clicking here. Even if you do end up shoot the animal, they still would like you to report it, so they can keep tabs on the animal's populations.

There are some laws that go along with killing these animals. The website says that landowners don't have to have a license to kill them if they are on their property because they can cause harm. Also in the state, you aren't allowed to track the pigs just to hunt them. They have to be in your way or causing you harm. If you would like more on Feral Pigs in Wisconsin, click here.

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