Is there someone in your life that loves beer a little too much? Like to the point where all they talk about and think about is beer? I have a few of those people in my life and one of them happens to be a coworker of mine. Curt St. John on Quick Country 96.5 mornings is the master of beer and I plan on getting him this gift for Christmas.

Over the weekend, I had to pay a visit to Beds Bath and Beyond in Rochester to track down some kitchen stuff. Every time I'm in that store, I find myself wandering to other departments that I have no business being in. I ended up in the bathroom department and stumbled across a shower accessory every beer lover needs. I was so shocked that this was hidden because it is a great product.

Shower Beer Holder
Shower Beer Holder found at Beds Bath and Beyond

The Sudsk shower beer holder allows you to enjoy your favorite adult beverage while you are enjoying a deep thought in the shower. You can get it in store for $5.99, but if you order online, you will find the more advanced model. This one is called 30 Watt Sudski Shower Beer holder. Both will do the trick!

I don't know about you, but some of my greatest thoughts happen in my shower. Well... Whiske Riff claims that drinking a beer in the shower is good for you. They say when you are showering you are relaxed which releases dopamine (creative hormone juice that helps you come up with creative thoughts). The same thing happens when you drink a beer... meaning the two are a healthy combination.

Long story short, this gift would encourage creative thoughts, which I strongly support!

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