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Sun Country Airlines added 9 new flights from Minnesota last week and now they've expanded its direct service to Rochester.

Now, while that's good news for those of us who like to fly Sun Country here in southeast Minnesota, I should point out here that this expansion involves direct SHUTTLE service. So, no, you won't see those orange and blue Sun Country planes flying out of Rochester International Airport (RST).

But it DOES mean that you'll be able to take a shuttle directly from either RST (or maybe even your house) directly up to the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP) and not have to get someone to drive you there or find a place to park or pay for expensive parking in one of the airport ramps.

According to the CBS Minnesota story, Sun Country will be offering the direct shuttle service in a partnership with Landline Select, another Minnesota company, to offer this new service here in Rochester and in four other cities (Brainerd and St. Cloud here in Minnesota along with La Crosse and Eau Claire over in Wisconsin.)

Another cool part of this new service, the story noted, is that it offers "door-to-door service and seamless connections," along with perks like being able to check your luggage through Landline, and have it automatically loaded onto your flight once you reach MSP up in Bloomington.

The story said it works like this:  You select a ride from Landline Select’s private shuttle service when booking online through Sun Country. The Landline vehicles then either pick you up at home and bring you to MSP.  Sun Country has been offering this same service with Landline Select to both Duluth and Mankato since 2019.

And, of course, we'd heard just last week that Sun Country had added 9 new direct flights from Minnesota that are set to start in May, as well. Speaking of traveling, though, even if you don't want to fly, there are a LOT of cool places to see -- and live -- right here in our neck of the woods. Keep scrolling to check out the 100 Best Places to Live in the Midwest!

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